Chin Enhancement with The Academy Clinic*

I’ve been keeping a secret! In the form of one of my favourite and best value non-surgical clinics in the UK.

I’ve been visiting The Academy Clinic for around four years now for my Botox and lip filler. Unlike other clinics, The Academy is a partnership between Harley Academy – the UK’s leading postgraduate training provider in Aesthetic Medicine for Doctors, Dentists and Nurses.

The partnership enables The Academy Clinic to provide affordable and high quality cosmetic injectable and skin treatments as a Cosmetic Model in its Training Clinics throughout the UK.

Chin Enhancement

I’d recently noticed the projection of my chin had declined, something that naturally happens with age, so wanted to reverse the years and add length back into my face.

The Academy offers dermal fillers to the chin in order to balance out the facial features and define and widen the chin according to an individual facial assessment, using the rule of thirds method.

The Consultation

With all The Academy procedures, the appointments begins with a thorough consultation lead by the trainee and overseen by the trainer. You discuss previous treatments, desired outcome, general health, risks and take before photos.

The trainee and trainer discuss the best method and types of fillers to use based on the desired outcome. In this case, 2ml was decided to enhance the chin.

The Treatment

The treatment is administered by the trainee and overseen by the trainer, who at times will demonstrate techniques. As I had stubble, care was taken to clean the treatment area before we started. The treatment for me (always based on the individual!) was pain-free and I was offered the opportunity to review the work throughout – I waited until the end for the reveal!

The Results

I could instantly see the chin had been lengthened and had a more pointed look. I felt it proportionated my face and offered a more chiseled and youthful look.

In terms of recovery it took a few days for the filler to settle, and the compliments came rolling in!

Check out The Academy Clinic for yourself, prices start from £125 for 1ml of filler (Cheeks, Chin, Marionette Lines, Nasolabial Folds) and £125 for Botox – Up to 3 areas (Crow’s Feet, Frown Lines & Forehead Lines).

*Please note this was a gifted experience.

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