Caring for your watch with a Barrington Watch Winder*

Good quality watches are an investment that need protecting. Any automatic watch owner knows that keeping your watch away from moisture, magnets and shocks is vital – as is regular servicing – but that the most important thing is how you wind your watch. 

Ensuring that you don’t overwind your watch and that you wind it correctly and carefully helps maintain the longevity of your timepiece. However, winding a watch manually every time you want to wear it can be a pain, and it’s better for your watch to be kept in perpetual motion so it doesn’t need constant re-winding. So, if you don’t wear your watch every day, how do you keep it ticking along?

The answer lies with the humble watch winder. Watch winders are designed to keep automatic watches running when they’re not worn. Automatic watches are designed to stay wound thanks to the regular movement of your wrist. There is a weight inside the watches which swings or rotates when the watch is worn. This turns the mechanism inside the watch. So if the watch is not worn, then it will run down. And so, the concept of an automatic watch winder was born. They not only ensure that your watch will keep ticking on forever, but also mean you don’t have to set the date and time every time you pick it up after a little while without wear. They’re also a stylish and sleek way to store your watches whilst they’re not on your arm. 

If you’re not convinced yet that a watch winder is worth the cash, let us introduce the Barrington Watch Winder. Barrington was founded in 2009, after realising that if you wanted a watch winder you either had to go for a pricey brand name winder or something cheap with limited features that you might not be able to trust. They designed a single winder at a reasonable price point, which not only does exactly what you need, but looks great on your shelf too.

Automatic Single Watch Winder Glacier White | Barrington UK

A Barrington Watch Winder perfectly stores your timepiece and helps to maintain its longevity. It’s a tool you can trust with your treasured watch. To add to this, with its compact and aesthetically pleasing design in a wide range of colours it’s so much more than just a watch winder – it’s an item you’d want to display. The Barrington watch winder isn’t just a functional tool to keep in your closet – it’s a centrepiece that means you can show off your watch even when it’s not on your wrist. 

Barrington create a wide range of watch winders for luxury automatic watches which can be operated either by AC mains or two AA batteries, feature an ultra-quiet Japanese motor, multiple rotation settings (clockwise, counterclockwise or alternating) and multiple turns per day (TPD) settings from 650, 750, 850, 1000 or 1950 to suit any weight of watch. If you’re lucky enough to own more than one automatic watch, then you might also be interested in their multi watch winders, which range from double watch winders to watch winder safes that can fit up to 12 watches inside. Check them out today to start caring for your watch and putting it on display like it deserves! 

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Barrinton Watch Winder.

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