Creating a Brand New Smile with Clinic Center, Turkey – Before

With an estimated cosmetic and beauty industry worth £2B and treatments at a fraction of the price compared to the UK, it’s no wonder Brits are jumping on the next flight to Turkey’s major city, Istanbul.

One clinic that stands out above the rest is Clinic Center – Offering hair transplants, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry,  Clinic Center is one of the top destinations in Europe for surgery.

And it’s not just renowned for surgery of the highest level, but also its full VIP experience which every guest receives, including private airport transfers, a dedicated personal host, bring a friend discount and accommodation discounts with selected partners.

My Clinic Center Story

I’ve never been entirely confident with my smile or the shape of my teeth and its something I’ve always wanted to change cosmetically. When I see friends with crowns or veneers, I’m really drawn into the aesthetic they have achieved by cosmetic dentistry, so thought it was about time to have my own smile makeover!

I started my journey with Clinic Center in London,  where I met with one of their consultants at their Holborn clinic. The consultant determined if I was suitable for treatment before giving me an insight (using a very impressive Powerpoint slide) on the full process from start to finish and what to expect when in Istanbul.

She also showed video testimonials and some of the most incredible before and after cosmetic dentistry images I’ve ever seen.

Before I knew it, I was on a flight to Istanbul from London Heathrow airport, where I was met by one of the airport transfer team, who took me to my hotel, which was located in good proximity to the clinic.

First Procedure Day

During my first procedure day, my teeth were X-rayed, which was the starting point for the Dentist to create my treatment plan from.  After carefully studying my X-rays, my treatment plan was determined as 20 zirconium-based porcelain crowns (10 top and 10 below) and 2 composite veneers for the back of my teeth.

The treatment plan didn’t differ much from my inital London consultation, where I was told 18-20 zirconium-based porcelain crowns would improve my smile.


Following this, my teeth were filed down for the crowns to fit over the existing teeth and moulded so 1. I had a set of temporary teeth to wear during the short 5-day wait for the crowns to arrive and be fitted and 2. For the new crowns to be shaped upon.

Because of the local anaesthetic numbing, I really didn’t feel much pain at all.

Before I left, I got to choose which shade of teeth I would like to go for! I wanted that Hollywood smile, so I went for BL1 which was the lightest shade.


I was also prescribed and given painkillers, an oral mouthwash and a soft-bristle toothbrush to keep the temporary teeth clean and in the best condition for having the crowns/veneers fitted. It’s advisable to eat softer foods such as yoghurt, scrambled eggs and salads while the temporary teeth are on.

The highlight of my day was the Turkish coffee and Turkish delight provided by the clinic, which in a moment reminded me where I was. On the transfer ride back to the hotel the sun was beaming in what would be a cold and wet London day and it suddenly added another reason why Turkey is a great destination to consider for surgery. 

Facilities Tour

I was also lucky enough to take a personal tour of Clinic Center’s incredible facilities at one of their sites ‘Medicana’. I was taken back by how clean and modern the private facilities were and how cosy the overnight rooms looked (literally like a 5* hotel! – inclusive of bathroom beauty products).

Aside from the plush patient waiting areas and rooms, there was an onsite cafe & brassie serving an extensive Turkish menu, alongside Starbucks coffee.

Next post, I’ll be sharing my ‘after-images’, along with tips on how to look after crowns once back in the UK – You might want to turn down the brightness on your monitors or phones for those dazzling afters!

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