Creating a Brand New Smile with Clinic Center, Turkey – After

Second procedure day

On the second procedure day, the session started off with the removal of the temporary teeth and a little polish to ensure the teeth were ready for the new crowns.

I got a quick peek of the crowns before they were fitted and couldn’t believe how incredible they looked! All, in all it took around an hour and a half for the crowns to be fitted. In addition to the 20 zirconium crowns,  The Clinic Center also created two composite veneers on the teeth adjacent to my new crowns.

In total out of 28 teeth, The Clinic Center crowned 20 and veneered 2 – A total smile makeover!

The most interesting thing about my smile makeover with The Clinic Center was that instead of just crowning 20 teeth, they put a lot of time and effort into improving my bite and closing up the gaps either side of my mouth.

Aftercare once back in the UK

Once back in the UK, The Clinic Center aftercare team reached out via Whatsapp to check in on my healing progress, request photos of my new teeth to evaluate the condition and advise to prevent any complications.

It’s fantastic to know you’ve got the support once back in the UK. The aftercare doesn’t stop there as The Clinic Center are dedicated to following up and check in again throughout the first year following the procedure.

It’s made me look after my teeth a lot better, I’m brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush and flossing to ensure my new teeth are in tip-top condition!

For more details on The Clinic Center and its cosmetic dentistry offering, click here.

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