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Glass House Detox and Wellness Retreat Review

I was recently invited to review the newly opened Glass House Retreat – Glass House Retreat is a purpose-built detox and weight loss retreat 50-minutes outside of London in the heart of Essex.

The concept of the retreat is to reconnect with yourself, whether that means detoxifying your body and mind, transforming  your diet or changing it up for a plant-based one (all the food at Glass House retreat is plant-based) or simply taking some time out of the big smoke to take in the Essex countryside and give yourself some simple TLC with the vast range of treatments and spa facilities on offer.

For review purposes, we stayed for two nights. We arrived on Friday evening and that’s when our retreat started, with body scans to determine the current state of our bodies and shape our weekend around these results – The scan predicted that I had a metabolism of a 19-year-old (I’ll take that!) and that I was well hydrated.

Following the scans, we were taken to our bedroom. The bedrooms at Glass House Retreat are stylish, clean, tastefully furnished and offer all those home from home amenities such as Netflix and Freeview, a kettle with herbal teas, Organic and cruelty-free bathroom products, hairdryers etc.

The beds deserved their own paragraph! They were literally like sleeping on a cloud! So cosy, with crisp white cotton sheets and comfortable pillows.


We headed down for dinner, which was a bowl of tomato soup and was asked to pre-order our meals for the next day based on our selected diet. You can either choose from one of the following three:

Equilibrium Diet

  • Three plant-based meals a day
  • Designed for bio-equilibrium
  • If you want to detox, but weight loss isn’t a priority
  • Healthy, relaxed & detoxifying

Weight Loss Diet

  • Three plant-based meals a day
  • Designed to help you lose weight
  • Great intro to plant-based diets
  • Healthy, effective & detoxifying

Pure Juicing Diet

  • Vitamin & mineral-rich juice: breakfast & lunch
  • Plant-based meal for dinner
  • Recommended for more intensive weight loss
  • Healthy, committed & detoxifying
  • Highly effective & cleansing

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After dinner, we met the other guests and played a few icebreaker games to get to know the retreat and each other. The Glass House retreat encourages guests to spend time together at mealtimes and during activities such as morning walks and yoga classes, which I think is a really nice touch as teamwork makes the dream work!

The second and third day focuses on low-impact exercise classes, spa time, healthy eating and chill time.

Each day starts off with a morning walk across the beautiful Essex countryside – a great opportunity to get some fresh air in our lungs.


We were given our personalised itineraries at breakfast time, which offered both drop-in classes such as HIIT and yoga, as well as our treatment slots.

Glass House Retreat offers a vast array of treatments, as I was detoxing I went for a LifeCube Cryotherapy treatment – The low-temperature chamber, of which we spent a total of three minutes in (in rather fetching Crocs!) is known to regenerate, offer relief from joint pain, reduce fine lines & wrinkles and re-energise the body and mind.

I then had colonic irrigation – which is pretty self-explanatory! I felt great after, especially as it was the first time I’ve had a treatment of that type.

I then tried out the LipoFirm treatment on my stomach. LipoFirm is a non-invasive technology which uses radiofrequency waves to target fat cells, get rid of cellulite, and tighten skin. I lost 1/2 cm of fat around my waist, which is pretty impressive for 45 minutes of lying down.


I left The Glass House retreat feeling fully detoxed and rejuvenated. I’ve continued eating a plant-based diet and have been drinking a lot more herbal tea than I used to!

Check out The Glass House Retreat here. Stay packages fall on the following days:

  • Friday check-in for Two-Day package
  • Sunday check-in for Five Day and Seven-Day packages
  • Monday check-in for Four Day and Six-Day packages

Day rates start from £85 per person. Retreat prices start from £463 per person based on double occupancy. Minimum two-night stay. If opting for double occupancy, the second guest receives a 40% discount.

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