Discovering My Passion for Dark Chocolate with Green & Black’s Velvet Edition*

I have spent the past 34 years protesting that I only eat milk chocolate! However, over the years, due to its health benefits, I have really tried to get into milk chocolate’s more sophisticated and grown-up brother, but with little success, it was going to take something revolutionary to convert me to the dark side!

Earlier this year, Green & Black’s invited me to attend the exciting launch of their new partnership with Everyman Cinema – I know right, a movie and chocolate, a match made in ‘chilled night out’ heaven. The event fully immersed us in Green & Black’s full range, which gave me the perfect excuse to try Green & Black’s Velvet Edition.


The Velvet Edition range includes seven delectable variants. It’s aimed at people like me who have aspirations to enjoy dark chocolate but find the taste a little bitter. Green & Black’s spent years behind the scenes, developing the range and even travelling across the globe to Ghana to discover the right cocoa beans to develop the unique taste, creating a dark chocolate bar for all to enjoy.


With each bar of goodness derived from ethically sourced cocoa beans, the team of Green & Black’s chocolate experts have carefully crafted a dark 70% chocolate, making the taste experience smooth and luxurious, yet irresistibly less bitter.

The seven flavours scream sophistication; I have ranked my favorites below – determined by my vigorous taste test:

Raspberry & Hazelnut – Pieces of raspberry and chopped hazelnuts
Orange & Almond – Sicilian orange and sweet chopped almonds
Salted Caramel – Yorkshire caramel infused with flakes of Anglesey sea salt
70% Cocoa – The Rich taste of Velvet Edition chocolate
Mint – Drops of fresh Indian peppermint oil
Sea Salt – Delicate flakes of Anglesey sea salt
Roasted Almond – Roasted high-quality Mediterranean almonds


For me, I loved the Raspberry & Almond bar, it’s a contrast between the zingy raspberry taste, met with the rich taste of hazelnuts was truly delectable. Another firm favorite is the Orange & Almond, the autumnal feel of Sicilian blood orange oil, mixed with the chopped almonds was a real taste sensation.

Keeping it local, containing delicate flakes of Anglesey sea salt, Salted Caramel gave a crunch leaving me wanting more! Surprisingly, I also loved the 70% cocoa – I’m guilty of eating a bar of milk chocolate in minutes, but with 70% cocoa, I only required a small piece at a time, giving it the respect it deserves. The scent you can smell from yards off and it truly is an inviting scent, which personifies the quality of the cocoa.

As well as Green & Blacks Velvet Edition range being ethically sourced, it’s also organic, contains no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours, which all contribute to the finest and most natural flavours being created.

So there you have it, they say, don’t knock something until you’ve tried it! But I think it’s all about finding the right match for you, Green & Black’s has certainly done that for me. I am a complete dark chocolate convert!

You can discover Green & Black’s Velvet Edition for yourself in all major supermarkets, priced at an RRP of £2.

*Please note this is a sponsored post between Green & Blacks and Mr Thirty-Somthing. All copy is written by Mr Thirty-Something based on reviewing samples sent by the Green & Black’s PR team.

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