When Coffee Met Coffee Caviar – An Introduction to the New Premium De’Longhi Maestosa*

*Please note this is a sponsored post between De’longhi & Mr Thirty-Something.

Those of you who know me really well, know coffee is my thing! – I usually consume three by 11am! As you can imagine as a coffee connoisseur, I’m always looking for the best when it comes to homebrew and last week, I got up close and personal with De’Longhi’s Maestosa machine at a unique multi-sensory experience held in a private suite.

As I walked into the suite, I was warmly greeted by Maria of the De’Longhi team who demonstrated the machine. The machine boasts a rather impressive, two bean container – perfect if you and your partner/housemates enjoy different roasts, as well as a ground bean container if you prefer your coffee decaff. But, the personalisation doesn’t stop at the bean! As you can select via touchscreen a selection of 19 coffees (included iced and cold brew) and tailor everything from the level of foam, coffee strength and temperature – Pure coffee perfection!

The Adaptive Grinding Technology with Electronic grinding regulation allows for precise, consistent and easy to set grinding, as well as long-lasting performance, preparation after preparation.


And for those who enjoy a milky coffee, the machine offers a swivel arm which aligns with the coffee filter to add both elements to your cup at once. It’s also fully compatible with alternative milks, such as Oat and Allmond – Perfect for is healthy bods!

It’s also extremely easy to clean after numerous uses, providing a steam clean function – So no need to take parts over to the sink to clean or cleaning capsules.

Next, I was taken to another part of the suite to meet world Class Chef, Jozef Youssef to create a pairing dessert. Jozef asked me to pick a coffee from two menus, I went for a coffee with chocolate and caramel notes. Jozef then asked me to select ingredients which complimented the coffee. A highlight of the experience was creating ‘Coffee Caviar’, which looked incredible with the finished masterpiece.  


Finally, I got to make my own three-layered cappuccino to pair with my dessert. I adjusted the temperature on the touchscreen as I knew I’d want to take photos of it being made and didn’t want it to get cold while I was snapping away!

Thank you De’Longhi for adding a touch of class to my morning!

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