Summer Moustache and Beard Grooming Tips with Just For Men*

I recently got featured for the second time in Fashion/Beauty Monitor’s round-up of the Top Ten UK Grooming Bloggers.  An absolute honour, as you can imagine, and the kind of recognition that keeps me passionate about blogging! To celebrate, I’ve teamed up with leading men’s grooming brand, Just for Men, for the remainder of 2018 to share not only my knowledge of the men’s grooming world but also their insights and research.


Just for Men recently conducted a poll of the most style-conscious men in the UK and guess what! Norwich came out on top as the location, where almost 50% of men take the most pride in their appearance, closely followed by Liverpool (30%), Glasgow (29%) and London (28%). These results got me thinking about the two guys in my office from Norwich, and it dawned on me that one of the guys always has a freshly shaved head and well-groomed beard, while the other always had perfectly quaffed hair.

I’ve recently discovered some new simple moustache and beard grooming hacks that will make all guys look as well-kept as those in Norwich! The data from the poll also revealed that over seven in ten men aged 16 and 44 wear a beard or have some variety of facial hair, so these hacks should be beneficial to 70% of my male readers reading this blog post.

So without further ado, here are my top three tips to keep your moustache and beard looking fleeky:

  1. Beard contouring – Do you shave your beard with the same length-comb? I did this for years until I started experimenting with the different comb lengths. I noticed the longer I grew my beard out, the more round my face looked, so I started using a longer comb for the moustache and jaw (3.5mm) and shorter comb for my cheeks and neck (2.5mm) and this improved the shape of my beard as well as contouring my face to make it look less round.
  2. Beard and moustache tinting – They say that your moustache and beard bring out a plethora of colours, which in my case is certainly true. My beard features blonde, grey and ginger tones and it can appear a little strange in portrait photos (especially the blonde!), so I’ve started using Just for Men Moustache and Beard Colourant, in dark brown-black (M-45). The brush application makes it easy to apply, and after only 5 minutes, the product leaves your beard looking fuller and thicker. I’d recommend starting off with a shade lighter until you discover your perfect shade.
  3. Beard oils also work on stubble! –  I used to discount beard oils as I had stubble, not a beard! However, stubble and the surrounding skin still need looking after. From conditioning and softening the short hair to moisturizing the skin underneath, don’t be put off by the name and think you need a huge hipster beard to use these types of products. Just For Men can help you out here too, with its range of beard care including a Face and Beard wash, conditioner and oil.  

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Just for Men, although this is sponsored content, all opinions are my own and not those of the brand. However, research stats were provided by Just for Men for editorial purposes.

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