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Keeping My Unhealthy Mid-Afternoon Snack Cravings at bay with Nairn’s On the Go Mini Cheese Oatcakes*

We’ve all been there, the clock strikes 3pm lunch has been fully digested, and we get those unhealthy snack cravings. Whether your snack of choice be a cookie, chocolate or sugary flapjack, the temptation at times can be hard to resist to see us all the way through to dinner. It’s something I’ve personally struggled with at times as I’m not very good at self-discipline when it comes to eating. However, with a few weeks, until I hit the beaches of California and awareness that shifting fat can be much harder in my thirties, I’m finally doing something about it and looking into healthier snack alternatives to turn to in these moments of need.


But, before I started looking into alternative snacks I thought about the reasons behind my mid-afternoon snacking habit and essentially it came down to requiring additional energy to keep my energy levels up throughout the day, particularly on days I was going to the gym in the evening. However, the snacks I’d been eating were high on sugar and giving me a sugar crash, so not only did I have to find an alternative healthy snack, I needed to find a snack low in sugar and high in energy.

One of the alternative snacks I’ve introduced to my diet is Nairn’s On the Go Mini Cheese Oatcakes. Flavoursome, High in fiber with no added sugar, Nairn’s On the Go Mini Cheese Oatcakes are the perfect snack to fuel me with natural slow release energy from wholegrain oats at my desk, pre-gym and when I’m traveling across London to meetings and photo shoots.

Because they come in handy individual bags, they’re so easy to pop into the front section of my backpack or gym bag every morning.  


Swapping unhealthy snacks for Nairn’s On the Go Mini Cheese Oatcakes has inspired me to reconsider other areas of my diet, such as breakfast and convenient lunch items.

The oatcakes are also perfect for vegetarians and those who can only eat wheat free products are available to buy from Sainsbury’s nationwide at an RRP of £1.59. Find out more information beyond this link: cheese-oatcakes

*This is a sponsored collaboration with Nairns, although this is sponsored content, all words are my own and not those of the brand.

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