A New Perspective of Opticions with David Clulow

I tend to get a new pair of spectacles every couple of years or when I see a new trend in spectacles I like the look of, and it had been almost two years since my last eye test when David Clulow invited me in to get my prescription updated and pick a new pair of glasses.

I can find the whole eye test, choosing glasses within budget and collecting process a bit laborious, but after hearing great things about David Clulow’s ease of customer experience and thoroughness, I got myself book for an eye test at their Covent Garden store.

On arrival I met the optician who took me through the various exercises involved to determine my prescription. It turned out that my prescription had changed and that I required new glasses. I was taking through the various glasses on offer by David Clulow, including frames from Ray Ban (which is actually the same company as David Clulow).

After trying on a few frames, I settled on a round tortoise-shell, which is so me! My pupil distance was taken to ensure that the range of the glass was positioned accordingly.


I was told that I would be contacted within a few days to let me know they had arrived, once I got my email I headed back to the store to collect my frames, which required a small adjustment to ensure they sat straight on my face.

Overall, a really pleasant and easy experience with a lot of care and attention to detail. I’ve been to opticians before and been given the wrong prescription, whereas with David Clulow I feel like they were so thorough with my test that they couldn’t get it wrong!

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