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Building a Sustainable Fitness Habit with Virgin Active

And on day 21, his sustainable fitness habit was formed…

It’s nearly the beginning of February and in previous years, I’d have usually started a New years resolution and failed miserably. However, this is certainly not the case in 2017.

With the help of Virgin Active, I’ve kicked off 2017 feeling fitter, healthier, happier more energised and proud. How? well, it all came down to being part of Virgin Active’s 21 Day Challenge. In a nutshell, Virgin Active challenged 21 Influencers to build a sustainable fitness habit over a 21-day period – which apparently is how long it takes to form a habit.When the challenge started on 9th January, I had a goal to lose my extra Christmas weight, tone up and build muscle. To achieve this, Virgin Active provided me with membership at my local Clapham club and set me up with personal trainer Adam Knowles.

I met with Adam before my first PT session to set some goals and left the meeting feeling full of excitement for my personal training to commence.

Throughout the two PT sessions each week, Adam took me through a series of workouts including strength building, cardio and circuits (after all, we only had three weeks to form a habit). We were fortunate enough to be able to train on both the gym floor and the newly opened personal training facility at Virgin Active Clapham.

Photo: Jamie Cullen

During each session, Adam went above in beyond to ensure he pushed me to my maximum, but never let me leave without stretching my body out. I really felt the benefit of the end of session stretches, as I’m a person who suffers from tight hips and a poor back posture.

But, the support didn’t stop there. My fellow 21 Influencers were like a support system throughout the three weeks, we encouraged each other through social media, congratulated each over on our efforts and encouraged each other to keep on going. Big shout out to Natalie Glaze, Charlie Irons, Jamie Cullen and Brogan Tate and of course my fantastic Instagram followers too.

SoulmateFood sent me three-days worth of pre-made meals to keep us going in our final week, providing delicious burn meals such as Katsu Curry and Chicken & Chorizo. I also cut out carbs and sugar. I got a lot of recipe inspiration from Zanna Van Dijk, Madeleine Shaw and Niomi Smart’s recently published cookbooks.

One Endeavour and New Look Men provided me with their newly launched activewear range to trial throughout my challenge. The New Look Men activewear line features light hues, such as greys and whites and flatters the figure to show off fitness results.


Processed with VSCO with j2 preset
Plantronics provided me with wireless sounds, £109.99 from Amazon


So what know you may ask? Well, It’s day 21 and I’ve booked in two sessions at Virgin Active this week, so it looks like a habit has successfully been formed. I’m also going to continue training with Adam, I actually couldn’t imagine a life training without him now!

Big thanks to Virgin Active and OneFifty for helping me fall in love with fitness – expect to see a lot more health and fitness content on The Discerning Man in 2017!

Processed with VSCO with j2 preset
Wearing: One Endeavour / Photo: Jamie Cullen

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  1. Very helpful piece!


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