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Fitness Studio Review: FitMiBODY, Old Street

Personally, when it comes to exercise I see results best when train with a personal trainer – always have and always will!

For me, the top three benefits of personal training are; Encouragement, Routine and a tailored approach towards fitness goals.

FitMiBODY, a crowd-funded fitness studio in Old Street set up by Entrepreneur, Matt Lo believes in the ethos that ‘personal training should be more accessible for everyone’. Working in top health clubs and private studios throughout his career, Matt recognised that personal training can be expensive for many and that typical fitness classes don’t provide structured programmes suited to achieving individual goals. Born out of this belief, Matt was inspired to create a change within the fitness industry and crowd funded his way to opening in February 2016 specialising in small group personal training with a maximum of 8 people per class


The boutique studio offers a range of packages to match fitness requirements, from their specialist area of group classes through to personal training and an ‘open gym’ option to use the studio’s full facilities. For the purpose of this review, I took part in a Personal 1 on 1 package with Matt, which starts at £85 for one session / £750 for 10 sessions and £1,300 for 20 sessions.

The Training


FitMiBODY‘s approach to personal training is a ‘sustainable end result’ – They firmly believe that there’s no point pushing for results if they do not last. This is the ethos in both their structured classes and personal 1on1 approach. All programmes are structured to achieve clients goals and progress beyond them to achieve sustainable results.

When it came to my training with Matt, we started off by going through a series of tests to determine any weak areas, which in my case were my hip flexors, which were extremely tight due to long stints sitting down in an office. To loosen up my hips, we would spend the first part of each session stretching and warming up this area. Exercises focused on targeting and strengthening my hips and as well as being tight they were also week, which meant Matt never let me skip leg day!


The personal training sessions themselves took the form of training two areas at once and alternating – again bespoke to my training requirements, which were toning up and building muscle.

A typical example of this would be:

– Upper body front (chest, biceps, front delts/shoulders)

– Back body rear (hamstrings, glutes)

Within these targeted sessions, Matt would take me through phases of endurance, hypertrophy and strength including mixing in body conditioning.

One particular machine which I worked well on and gave great results, was the cable machine – it ensured that form and technique during new exercises, which I had not participated in before were controlled and progressed.

The Studio Aesthetic



FitMiBODY is an open-plan fitness studio set in the basement of a trendy street just off City Road. The walls are adorned with feature scenic walls and mirrors, to ensure your posture is always on form. The equipment is of the highest quality and what makes this studio stand alone from others is its personal touches – I mean, who else has a ‘shoe cubby’ to check your trainers in at the end of each session!  There’s also a moderately priced shake bar, which as well as an array of protein-boosting shakes, serves espresso and protein balls, all served by the friendly #FitMiFAM with an encouraging smile.

Thanks to Matt and the FitMiBODY team for getting me fit for 2017! Results images coming soon…(watch this space)

*Head over to Twitter, where FitMiBODY and The Discerning Man will be running a competition to win a 1 on 1 personal training session with Matt (worth £85). 

1 comment on “Fitness Studio Review: FitMiBODY, Old Street

  1. Man I always wanted to workout in a private studio. Just out of my price range for now =/


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