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Review: Bowler & Beach Swim Shorts​

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During my recent trip to Bali, you have noticed my Instagram post featuring Bowler & Beach’s ‘The Seahorse’ swim shorts. If you haven’t heard of Bowler & Beach, they are are a relatively new luxury, yet affordable swimwear brand created by Balham brothers Matt and BJ.

I met the guys at a recent press day and was really impressed with the stylish and distinctive look of their first line ‘The Animals’, which draws inspiration from childhood holidays in Portugal. The line features four animal designs in tan-complimenting pastels, as well as classic nautical beach navy.

And the Portuguese influence doesn’t stop there, as the shorts are also created in Portugal, which is renowned for skilled craftsmen using the best quality fabric and trims.

As a wearer, you can really feel the love and attention to detail used to design and create the swim shorts. The shorts are crafted from a soft-sheen material, featuring quality draw ropes, with aglets engraved with Bowler & Beach logo. As well as the brand’s signature ‘share the sun’ button – a feature on all the shorts in the range and a homage to great times had in the sun. It is this kind of attention to detail which makes these swim shorts a sound investment at £69 per pair.

Additionally, the shorts come in a matching pouch, which is perfect to store the shorts in once wet or for storing your smartphone in whilst you’re in the pool or sea.

Fit wise, the shorts cut off at just the right place on the thigh and are loose enough in the right places to pull yourself in and out of the pool with ease. I picked the pink ‘The Seahorse’ design before I headed to Indonesia, as I love the way they compliment a summer tan.

Prices start from £69. For more information on Bowler & Beach, head over to

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