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Review: Motorola VerveLife VerveOnes+ Earbuds

Tangled, accidental yanking out and frayed wires are all a thing of the past thanks to the worldwide launch of VerveLife by Motorola (Binatone) this week. VerveLife is a revolutionary collection of wireless video and audio products, set to give consumers the full freedom to enjoy life and stay connected.

I’ve always sought after a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones and feel like I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a long time! So, when I was invited to attend the official UK launch of VerveLife and be one of the first people in the UK, to not only view the new range but try a product out for myself before general release, of course, I said yes.


Although at the launch, I was introduced to a whole range of headphones, designed to suit different lifestyles and requirements, it was the VerveOnes+ that caught my eye. Standing out in an attention-grabbing orange and black hue, the VerveOnes+ are a true Bluetooth wireless smart earbud, offering deep, rich HD sound, dual mic, up to 12 hours playtime and are sweat and waterproof (IP57 water protection + version only).

Housed in a tubular case, the buds snap in and out and can be locked in by rotating the bottom end to protect them in transit or when charging.

VerveLife VerveOnes+


So what are they like in real life? well, I thought I’d try them out on my Saturday morning jog, as this is when I normally use my standard earbuds.

After unboxing and charging for a two-hour period, I swapped over the medium round gels for the small size (they come in S, M and L). After securing them in my ear, a voice (from nowhere!?) confirmed that I was fully paired and ready to go.

I proceeded to put on my Spotify ‘fitness’ playlist and started jogging. For a moment, I had a slight concern that the buds were going to fall out, due to them being a larger size than standard earbuds, however because of the snug fit and sleek design, they actually stayed in better than my normal buds.


If like me you’re somebody who listens to music through earbuds on a daily basis and likes to exercise, I definitely recommend looking into the VerveOnes or VerveOnes+ purely as they are a good investment and crush any everyday frustration of wired headphones.

Available from 20th June, starting from £199.


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